Gorilla Tango is currently seeking to acquire companies in the under $5,000,000 gross yearly revenue range.

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Gorilla Tango News Snippets!

Big Hot Dogs are a big hit.

In the last few weeks of 2009 GT started Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats LLC with one mission and one mission only - sell a 7lbs Big Hot Dog via the internet. "So far the project has gone great!" says Kelly Williams, GT Marketing/PR Coordinator "Big Hot Dogs were sold all over the USA and Canada in just the first few weeks online". Since then Big Hot Dogs have been featured on CNBC, the Steve Harvey show, radio stations across the country and on countless food blogs and other internet destinations. As of 2013 the Big Hot Dog is also officially named "the world's largest commercially available hot dog" by Guinness World Records. GT's future in hot dogs looks bright!

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Gorilla Tango Theatre celebrates the completion of its 5th year in Chicago.

With month after month record breaking revenue and profitability despite an ongoing national recession and down turn in its own industry GTTheatre has proven itself as a cornerstone of the overall Gorilla Tango business culture. "The [GT] theatre has proven our concept in a very competitive and notoriously difficult [to achieve profit] industry. We couldn't be happier with its success and continued growth" says Gorilla Tango CEO, Dan Abbate "the application of this same business model towards many other businesses in varying industries is keeping Gorilla Tango busy, growing and profitable for many years to come.

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Liticorp Limited, turns 20 years old with GT.

Liticorp specializes in providing professional videography and multimedia services for the legal profession. Based in Chicago, Liticorp is a technological leader with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable, proficient and available support staff. After GT's acquisition of Liticorp in 2009, Liticorp was consolidated into the GT model. This consolidation has kept Liticorp efficient and profitable during a major downturn in the legal industry. While many of Liticorp's long time competitors are folding, Liticorp remains healthy, strong and well positioned to gain substantial market share as the industry recovers.

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